Here you find our organisational chart.


CEO (Chief Executive Officer)

The CEO, the highest ranking officer, is responsible for corporate vision and strategy. 
The CEO creates the annual plans, validates budgets and revenue, organisational growth and expansion plans. 
The CEO communicate strategy and plans to the BoD, and take approvals. 
The CEO connects with investors to ensure cash flow and fund for growth and expansion.
The CEO signs the annual reports of the organization.​

CFO (Chief Financial Officer)

THE CFO is responsible for financial operations in relation to payables, receivable, expenses and treasury. The month closing and data for year-end annual reports are also The CFO’s responsibility.

COO (Chief Operating Officer)

The COO is responsible for the day to day operations of the organisation. Execution of plans created and validated by the CEO is the responsibility of the COO.

CMO (Chief Marketing Officer)

The CMO is responsible for the organisations’ marketing strategies in terms of products and offerings, target geographies and target customers, and executes these plans with the COO.